3D canvas

When the surface is 3D…. When I start to get confidence with the figurative presence in my works I let this figure invad

Meditation effects

Meditation effect _A group of acrylic on cardboard_ 120x90cm

After abstract series

Immediate abstracts “My starting point of creation is the search of a calm and empty mind, I try to listen to the presen


Series of sculptures rady_waste. I do not buy or search for objects but I find them in the street. I collect them at home if t

Variations of green

Variations of green Is a series of abstract paintings, acrylic on Paper. I was painting, drawing and collaging ever since but

Alcoholic loneliness

Title Alcoholics  loneliness Technique Ready Made  

ICEBERG series

I do not use memory when I create my works, I do not reflect about previous experience. Of course the colours, the shapes and

Frustration Series

In psychology, frustration is a common emotional response to opposition. Related to anger, annoyance and disappointmen


Series of Rady Made sculpture. Title Praha1968  

Chinese arrived on the moon also

Title The Chinese also arrived on the moon Technique Ready Made      

Drawing Session

Distancia is a drawing session for a Spanish residency. Sevilla 2012

BEHIND series#1

17 x 24 cm Technic: painting. Materials: acrylics on paper by Uma Haime  


Marachelle is a site specific performance realized in Prague by Uma Haime, in June 2014. The work used the interactions betwee


Ballatoio Ballatoio is a trilogy that aims to describe the dynamics of crisis within human relationship, between a couple, bet

Clear Cut

  Title Clear Cut #1   This project is a video performance realized in collaboration with Alessandro Di Massimo and